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Cook's Issues to address


Cook acknowledges and is dedicated to work effortlessly towards the dire need of improvements of our roadways throughout the parish.  She will progressively ensure that the roads are updated for the health, safety and welfare of all citizens.  Washington Parish roadways should and will be our number one priority, not only for our hometown residents but our neighboring visitors as well. 

Accountability and transparency:

Cook will make it her obligation to share information with the citizens that is needed to make informed and cautious decisions to hold officials accountable for the conduct of the people's business.

Promote our Parish:

Cook will work diligently with other organizations within the parish to promote new Industries and jobs. Create a welcoming and exciting environment for Washington Parish residents and visitors.


Cook will proactively seek help with our local organizations, school systems and citizens in efforts to rid our parish of litter.  We want to be proud of our parish and it must start with educating our future generations.

Emergency Preparedness:

Cook strives to Improve better disaster plans that function and operate more effectively for lineman, Funding for EOC, Gas set up for Emergency Crews, ensure that all districts are equipped with food, shelter, and placement for lineman and volunteers.                


Cook diligently seeks to bring forth a fostering environment for families to connect with sports, nature and outdoors through innovative and creative plans to receive funding via grants and fundraising.

Communication with the Council:

Flourishing healthy communication is key to transitioning our parish forward. She will work in close collaboration with the Council by conveying their concerns, ideas, and decisions for the betterment of our parish and citizens.  Ensuring that all staff members are in a comfortable environment to freely discuss proactive ways to enhance our parish is imminent.

Communication with Washington Parish Sheriff's Office:

Cook is committed to working with the Sheriff to make available all parish resources necessary to empower WPSO with tools and laws needed to continue to make Washington Parish a safe place to live, work, and play.

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To be the first Parish President to bring a high level of experience and understanding of issues facing our parish.  To make Washington Parish the place of choice to live, work, play and grow in Southeastern Louisiana.

My name is Sarah Cook, I am going on my tenth year working in the Parish Government.  I value greatly the many years of opportunity this has given me.  It is my desire for the Washington Parish Government to continue to evolve and thrive by strengthening and bettering our community all around.  I also held many years of experience working for the Town of Franklinton as Office Manager of the Public Works Department.

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What Can I Do for You?

  • Represent you at the highest upmost level, thereby ensuring that your ideas and opinions influence the direction of our parish.  This will continue to enable us to fulfill our goals more effectively and strengthen Washington Parish moving forward.
  • Keep you informed of Government affairs through complete transparency.
  • Bring ideas forward that will help our parish to improve roads, drainage, disaster plan, communication and infrastructure.
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  • Professional leadership throughout many levels of government and organizations.
  • First-hand knowledge and experience of how our government operates.
  • Experience in maintaining roadways, water, drainage, sidewalks, and natural gas throughout our parish.
  • Experience with bridges and inspections on the State level.
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My Promise:

As your Parish President, I promise to ensure your concerns and ideas will be welcomed in efforts to move Washington Parish forward with transparency and accountability.  Read More

My Track Record:

  • 9 years' experience in Washington Parish Government.
  • 5 years' experience at the Town of Franklinton Public Works.
  • Working knowledge with several parish operations.
  • Instrumental in bridge and alcohol compliance.
  • Council Clerk for seven councilmen.
  • Clerk of the Council for seven committees.
  1. Road
  2. Finance
  3. Health Unit
  4. Solid Waste
  5. Recreation
  6. Personnel
  7. Infrastructure
  • Planning Commission Clerk for seven Commissioners.
  1. Process of Creating a Master Development Plan.
  • Recognized by the Police Jury Association for outstanding work as Council Clerk.
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Community Service:

  • Treasure/President Franklinton Girls Softball Association.
  • Treasure/Vice President Franklinton Chamber of Commerce.
  • Re-established the Republican Women of Franklinton.
  • President Republican Women of Franklinton.
  • Member of Louisiana Federation Republican Women.
  • Member of the National Federation of Republican Women.
  • Organized many fundraising functions for Washington Parish Citizens and Clubs.
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